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Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

Since 2013, the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award has recognized outstanding contributions by staff members (Confidential, Unionized, or Professional & Managerial at any level) who work in service of either the President’s Office, the Division of the Vice-President & Provost, a Vice-Presidential Division (where the Vice-President is a member of Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidents), or the Office of the Governing Council.

The SVP Staff Awards recognize staff who have contributed to their Division or the broader University in one or more of the following ways. These accomplishments can be recent or demonstrated throughout the duration of their career.

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Hayley Fuller's framed Simcoe Hall Vice-President's Award certificate

Assessment Criteria

Successful nominations will illustrate the specific contribution(s) that the staff member made in one or more of the following areas:

Significant Contribution

Recognizes an individual who made an outstanding contribution to their division or the broader University. This category is intended to recognize milestone accomplishments, such as an innovative initiative, a large project, or a substantial undertaking, which required remarkable effort, involved significant complexities, and/ or sets a standard upon which future initiatives will be modeled.

Sustained Service of Excellence

Recognizes an individual, with exemplary service to the University, and who is held in high regard by their colleagues and peers in areas that are core to the University’s values including: excellence, service orientation, citizenship, professionalism, collegiality, integrity, and innovation.

Leads with Equity & Inclusion

Recognizes an individual who consistently demonstrates their commitment to integrating equity, diversity and inclusion into their leadership activities and who is committed to creating an inclusive culture and sense of belonging for their teams and the University community. They are held in high regard for sponsoring and advancing EDI initiatives that challenge our systems, disrupt our processes and create equity within our practices across the institution.

Inspirational Attitude

Recognizes an individual who possesses an uplifting and encouraging demeanor that contributes to positive morale and inspires their peers to do the same. Someone whose presence on a team invigorates their colleagues to work harder, smarter, and more resiliently to achieve their goals.

2020 Recipients

  • Maya Collum, Senior Research Information Analyst, Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation
  • David Curtin, Director, Communication Services, Office of the President
  • Jin Fang, Manager, Security Administration, Information Security
  • Cheryl Gibbs, Manager, Student Policy Initiatives, Office of the Vice-Provost, Students
  • Jane Harrison, Director, Faculty & Academic Life, Office of the Vice-President & Provost
  • William Heikoop, Faculty Liaison, Academic & Collaborative Technologies
  • Kevin Leong, Utilities Budget & Planning Analyst, Facilities & Services Utilities
  • Ian MacEachern, Director, Benefits & Pensions, Human Resources & Equity
  • Meredith Strong, Director, Students & Student Policy Advisor, Office of the Vice-Provost, Students
  • Karen Temple, Innovations & Entrepreneurship Manager, Innovations & Partnerships Office
  • Jody Townshend, Director, Campaign Planning, University Development

The Nomination Process

Nominations for the 2020 SVP Staff Awards opened in February 2020.

Nominations should describe in detail the specific contribution(s) that the staff member has made in relation to the assessment criteria listed above. The reason for nomination shall not exceed (2) two pages in length.
Two supporting letters must be included with the nomination. If the lead nominator is not the manager/supervisor of the nominee, the first supporting letter must be from the nominee’s manager/supervisor. Supporting letters should not exceed (2) two pages in length, each.

To submit a nomination for the SVP Award, please visit the True Blue Recognition Platform and use the link in the Recognition Centre. Using the online form, please include any applicable details regarding the nominee’s contribution(s) and insert the text from the two supporting letters into the applicable fields.

Nomination Deadline:  5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 2, 2020


Any employee or supervisor can nominate a staff member, (Confidential, Unionized, or Professional & Managerial at any level) who works in service of either the President’s Office, the Division of the Vice-President & Provost, a Vice-Presidential Division (where the Vice-President is a member of Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidents), or the Office of the Governing Council.
Selection of the recipients is based on the information provided as part of the nomination package.

All nominees must be in good standing at the University. Nominees must be in an active status when the nominations close.

Helpful Tips for Completing the Nomination Form

In completing the nomination submission please:

  • Be specific – give examples and the details of what your candidate or team has done that meets the selection criteria. Every candidate will not exhibit all of the award-winning characteristics, but you should provide evidence of those demonstrated by your candidate
  • Avoid general statements such as: “the nominee has a pleasant personality,” “the nominee is a seasoned professional,” or “the nominee is always helpful.”
  • Include as much qualitative and quantitative information as you can about the nominee’s work and contributions

Please see our guide How to Write an Impactful Award Nomination for additional details


The selection committee, chaired by the Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity, will be comprised by a minimum of three Vice-Presidents and/or their designates. The committee may select up to eight deserving employees, representing a broad range of employee groups and classifications for the award.

Members of the selection committee will review the nomination packages and the award criteria in advance of the Selection Committee meeting date. At the meeting, members will discuss each nomination package and will select the deserving recipient(s).

The members of the selection committee for the 2020 Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Awards will consist of:

  • Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Committee Chair, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity
  • Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships
  • David Palmer, Vice-President, Advancement
  • David Estok, Vice-President, Communications
  • Sheree Drummond, Secretary of the Governing Council
  • Andrew Thomson, Chief of Government Relations
  • Bryn MacPherson, Assistant Vice-President & Chief of Protocol
  • Erin Jackson, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Gwen Burrows, Executive Director, International
  • Christine Allen, Associate Vice-President & Vice-Provost, Strategic Initiatives
  • Alex Mihailidis, Associate Vice-President, International Partnerships

The selection committee will meet in November 2020 to determine the successful applicants. The committee will inform all nominators of the committee’s decision on each submission in December 2020. An announcement of the 2020 winners to the broader U of T community will follow.

Award Prizing

  • Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award Framed Certificate & Gift
  • If and when appropriate, a luncheon with the Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidents, or their designate, and the lead nominators for each winner

For more information, please visit the Recognition and Engagement section of Human Resources & Equity’s website.

Should you have any questions about this program, please contact your HR Divisional Office.

Past Recipients