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Platoon commander: Off the clock with Gina Trubiani

Gina Trubiani

Gina Trubiani, PhD,
Associate Director, Operations,
Environmental Health & Safety

Gina has been with the University of Toronto (U of T) since 1998.

What do you do off the clock?

I am a health care administration officer, platoon commander and lieutenant with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.

How did you first become interested in joining the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves?

I have been interested in the socioeconomic effects of stress in the workforce for many years, so after completing my PhD (collaborative neuroscience program) in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology (at U of T), I decided to take my science background to the field so I could learn more about occupational stress first hand and better contextualize what I had discovered during my doctoral work.

I come from a strong military family and I could think of no better way to experience stress in the workplace than to become a soldier. It has been a phenomenal experience to say the least.

The Reserves work part-time (usually evenings, weekends and sometimes summer training) and health care administration officers complete a myriad of training requirements all across Canada. This past summer I completed my field training in CFB Borden, Ontario.

What (or who) inspires or influences your work?

My troops are a constant source of inspiration for me. As a platoon commander, I have approximately 25 troops in my chain who are incredibly hardworking soldiers. Some are students or work full-time, and many have done tours of duty abroad, all while balancing their civilian responsibilities and family commitments. I work very hard and will continue to do so to ensure that I am worthy to lead them.